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The Dave Snow Four

Skegness & Filey 1975


1975 was a very memorable year. My name is David Williams, I played drums in a band called "The Dave Snow Four". We played every Monday and Tuesday at Skegness and then Wednesday and Thursday at Filey. For Friday and weekend work we would drive up to play the working mens clubs around the Newcastle area. However, after a few short weeks we had so much fun at Filey, that we would take Fridays off and stay on camp to enjoy ourselves.
We were offered a Butlins summer season contract that paid more if we provided our own accommodation. With that in mind, we bought an old sixty seater coach and converted it into what is now referred to as a motor home. Complete with beds, propane cooker, kitchen table, coach seats and electrical hook up, we lived quite comfortably all season.
We made so many friends that year and I have many fond memories. I left England in 1979 and have lived in Palm Desert California ever since, so I never kept in touch with anyone from Skegness or Filey.

Thank you for keeping up this website, I’ll check in from time to time and see if anyone remembers me, if you do, send me an e-mail and say hi, (especially Mandy and Jill !!)

Best wishes to all



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