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Butlins Video Footage

With the popularity of Camcorders in the 1980 through to the millennium there must be hours of VHS cassettes that can't be viewed anymore owing to the DVD revolution.
We now have the capability at Bygone Butlins to transfer VHS to DVD and can offer this service in exchange for use of the content on the site.
This is a straight VHS to DVD copy, no editing will be done to your DVD.
At present this service is limited to the VHS format and your footage will be recorded on to DVD+R.

This is a genuine offer !!!

What we are after is to collect as much Butlins footage as possible to share via the Bygone Butlins web site. Ideally we would like footage of the Camps/Hotels features, competitions, buildings, staff at work etc.
What would really be great would be if you have any old Cine film you had put on to VHS the older the better.

How do I use this offer ?

Just Email us at webmaster@bygonebutlins.com for the postal address.
For safety I suggest that all Tapes are sent in a secure package with adequate packing to safeguard arrival, I also suggest the use of Recorded Delivery.


Please note. Bygone Butlins can take no responsibility for any damage or lose whatsoever and our maximum liability will be the cost of the media (the cassette tape) we also cannot be held responsible for any copywrite issues regarding content ie. sound tracks. By using this service you are granting Bygone Butlins the right to use the content.
Bygone Butlins reserve the right to implement a £20 Administration charge for the return of tapes with no Butlins content.


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