I see my boy soon. Which site should Dad take his 4 yr old

Looking for Information about Butlins.
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I see my boy soon. Which site should Dad take his 4 yr old

Postby BigBoysDad » Fri Aug 13, 2010 3:19 pm

I see my boy soon. Which site should Dad take his 4 yr old?

Of the three sites, from a 4 year olds perspective which site is best?

I’ll explain the root of this question. I’d like to take my boy to Butlins again. My access is so seldom, this time is precious and I can’t afford to mess-up the few moments we get together, so I spend ages between planning for it.

Having gone once in the 1960s to Pwllheli, I took my 4 year old to Bognor in July 2010 He LOVED it. And just as I remember, its a real kid’s paradise. I’d love to repeat the same sensory over-load my boy got at Bognor.

In case you don’t quiet grasp the question, I’m asking you to think as a four year old. Now, four year olds don’t care about food or accommodation, or whether there’s a microwave in a grubby chalet. For this question, anything Butlins might ever be criticised for is just petty and irrelevant. And I’m easily pleased and come 7pm bedtime I baby-sit my boy, so bars and shows are not needed either.

So, can I do better than Bognor?

This site shows mono-rails and chairlifts, roller-coasters etc are all a thing of the past, but if I go to Minehead or Skegness, will I get:

Bigger better fairgrounds?
More activities?
More of anything exciting a four year old wants?

About George:

Rather than sports related stuff, its things adrenaline–rush and transport related he wants. So petrol and pedal go-karts, dodgems, trains, cars and all things fast & furious, he loves. So the question is probably centered on the fairground and what the fairground offers site to site.

He’s already a strong swimmer, and I understand all the sites have a water park, with flumes & slides. So site to site, that doesn't swing it to either site.
Bognor in truth was only let down by its pebbly beach. And Butlins can’t help that.

Yes, I know, it would be easy to take him to Bognor again. I know he’d be very happy, but time is so limited, we don’t have time to repeat, so wherever I can, I want to give my son different experiences and see new palces.

So back to my question, which site for a four year old?

Thanks to All


PS: I'm doing soem scans of Pwllheli in the 60s for thsi site. Standby
Went to Pwllheli once as a kid in 1967. I loved it, what kid wouldn't and always pestered my parents to go back.
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