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Butlins questionnaire

Postby Tamara » Fri Jan 21, 2011 9:19 pm

Hi I'm a student from the University of Wolverhampton. I'm doing a dissertation on people who revisit Butlins. Would anyone be kind enough to fill out a questionnaire? I have posted the questionnaire below, alternatively you can email me at Tamara.Heal@wlv.ac.uk.

Just a few questions and if you don't want to answer any of them just leave them blank.

1) What age bracket do you fit in to?
18-30 31-45 46-60 60+ Prefer not to say

2) Are you:
Single married in a relationship Prefer not to say

3) What bracket best represents your approximate income in a year?
0-10,000 11-000-20,000 21,000-30,000 31,000-40,000

4) Do you have children under the age of 18?
Yes or no

5) What is your highest level of education?
GCSE A-Level Diploma Degree Other

6) Which Butlins camps have you been to?
Minehead Skegness Bognor Regis All of them

7) Did you go to Butlins with:
Your family a large group of people
a small group of friends

8) In which months have you been to Butlins?

9) On average how many times a year do you go to Butlins?

10) On average how long do you stay at Butlins for?

11) Which Butlins camp are you planing to visit next?
Minehead Skegness Bognor Regis
Not sure/undecided

12) Did you book your holiday to Butlins through:
A travel agent Butlins itself other (please state)

13) When visiting Butlins, how do you rate the following factors in order of importance? (1 being very important and 5 being unimportant)
Price of holiday package
positive recommendation
positive previous experience
distance of the camp
service at the camp
child friendly atmosphere

14) Why did you decide to revisit Butlins?

Thank you again!
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Market research?

Postby Howie » Sat Jan 22, 2011 5:14 pm

Please don't take any offence but this seems a bit formal to me ie. relating to an established procedure or set of questions.
It generally feels and looks like market research and could put people off answering.
I'm not sure it should be on the forum, how can you get any idea of why people returned and their feelings about it by responding to a set of 1 - 5 answers
Actually having looked back at it again it seems bogus, If it isn't I appologise and only hope you can glean some information from my response.
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Postby Tamara » Sat Jan 22, 2011 10:21 pm

In response to this comment, I am in fact a student from the University of Wolverhampton studying Spanish and Tourism Management. I am doing a dissertation about why people choose to revisit Butlins and decided to post the questionnaire on here as it seems there are many people on this site who love Butlins and I have actually got answers to my questionnaire from another Butlins memories forums and also from the Butlins fan page on Facebook. It is the next best thing asking people over the internet to fill out a questionnaire because I can not get to Butlins myself and ask people the questions. Instead of posting complaints, it wouldv'e been nice to get a set of answers that actually helped me out with my research.

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Postby Joker » Sat Jan 22, 2011 10:25 pm

If it is bogus and market research here is not the place to get an unbiased set of results.

From past experience on this and my time with BM these requests get mainly ignored, as the people requesting information take more than they give to the forum.

I am going to Close this Thread. If you wish to respond please do so by email.

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