best value meal at Butlins, and where

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best value meal at Butlins, and where

Postby frank worrall » Sun Oct 25, 2009 3:58 pm

I would like you to rack your memories and think about this one. When I was young and Sir Billy Butlin still ruled, I loved the dining halls. Three meals a day, all good (certainly better than school meals) with those brilliant Redcoats (just putting a good word in lads) on their platforms high above you telling what great events were happening that day. Now back to earth. We go half board, and I must admit, the quality, quantity, choice, and self service have been very good value. What do you get from the other board choices? that make them worth eating in. Lets hear your good or bad memories.
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Postby pushbutton » Fri Nov 20, 2009 3:13 pm

One of the few bad memories I have of Butlins was a day visit to Skegness around 1984 ish.

It must have been at the end of the season, or else just a very very quiet day.

Not much seemed to be going on around the camp in general compared to my normal experiences of Butlins, but of course there was still way more than enough to keep us kids very happily entertained all day.

When it came time to go home, as always we were begging and pleading with mum and dad for any excuse to stay just a little bit longer at Butlins. Eventually they gave in and decided we would have dinner there before the journey home. It was about 5pm and they decided it would be too late to have to worry about dinner by the time we got home.

So we went into the only restaurant that looked open. I think it was the Golden Grill, or possibly holiday fayre. There was a waitress there and my dad asked for a menu. The lady gave us menus but said that because it had been a very quiet day, they only had Spaghetti Bonognese available.

So as it happened we all chose the same meal, Spaghetti Bolognese. Only problem was, when the meals came out there was no sauce, no meat, just spaghetti. The waitress just served us with plates of dry spaghetti, and then apologised if it was a bit cold!

My dad asked where the sauce was and she seemed a bit confused at first, went to check with someone in the kitchen and came back to tell him there was no sauce left as they were closing for the day!

We stopped at a motorway services for tea on the way home!
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