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Picture Resizing

Postby Joker » Thu May 29, 2008 3:18 am

It seems some of you are having problems up-loading pictures to the forum.

The reason is the file size, with today's cameras and even some mobile phones we can take photos up to and above A3 size, far to big for the Internet.

I find the biggest needed for the forum is 640 x 480 pixels

This size


Now I'm not planning on giving you a guide on resizing with Photoshop as it would take all day.


Start by downloading the attachment "Image Re-sizer" at the bottom of this post

Read the next bit BEFORE you install it

look out for this screen during installation


And UN-TICK the box "Add Crawler toolbar" saves removing it later when you see how Cr&p they are.

"We strongly recomen..........." Well I don't, so click NO !


Accept the agreement (something about signing over your first born or something) and click next, next, next, next, install


Now if the program didn't open, its in programs called ImRe and looks like this


Fill in the Width - 640 (Not 320x240 as in the pic)
and Height - 480

I suggest you make a destination folder (on your desktop) before you use the Browse button.

click on Re-size multiple Images

Now Browse to where your pictures you want resizing are (Source)
Then the folder you have just created (Destination)

Now click Process and after a quick slide-show your done and ready to post to the forum !!

Image Resizer.zip
(2.23 MiB) Downloaded 1569 times
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Postby Boomerang » Sun Aug 16, 2009 3:31 am

Pictures can also be resized easily online with downloading any programmes. Here's an example of a site I use "http://www.resize2mail.com/". I'm sure there are many more besides. Most of these kind of tools only only do one picture at a time though.
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