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PostPosted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 4:21 pm
by SkegRed
A little piece of Nostalgia of the time l went to a Reunion at the Royal Albert Hall what an experience ,

The Albert hall was filled with ex Campers ,ex Redcoats,ex winners of Competitons,etc

Dancing with top orchestras ,The Albert hall was packed ,l think the year would be late 1950 early 60's

We Redcoats ,lots of Redcoats from All Camps and Hotels formed a Guard of Honour for Billy Butlin and the Duke of Edinburgh as Billy Butlin handed the Duke a very large check for Charity.

We Redcoats were in demand on the dance floor later as we met lots of friends the holiday makers we knew from Skegness

Ah! Memories,Memories

l have added my chitty to collect a complete Redcoat uniform and badges from the Albert Hall(tmyaddress on the ticket is now a Flyover)

skegred Andy

Big occasion.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 4:59 pm
by frank worrall
So many proud and happy people with great memories, I wonder if there are any photo records about. What time of day was it,I see you wore a tie, did you have white pumps on, did you change to bow tie and black shoes later.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 5:02 pm
by catmad

PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, 2009 8:27 am
by SkegRed
lf l remember right we had our Blue/yellow ties in daytime and Black dickie at night as we used to at the Camps ,but used only white pumps.

Valda you would have loved it as would Frank and Marion l'm sure,never seen so many Happy Campers and friends as there was there all at one time

No photos sorry to say ,there are some "PATHE" newsreel films of Butlins Reunions, on the website somewhere but they are later ones l see ,pity

l seem to think Joker found some for us a few years ago ,though not for that particular Reunion


PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, 2009 3:34 pm
by Joker
Was this the one ?

PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, 2009 4:21 pm
by SkegRed
Well done Alex(Joker ) l knew you'd come up with something and you have as always.
That is some great footage of the 1964 Butlin Reunion at the Royal Albert hall,showing Billy Butlin with all those Stars and the Redcoats in the background.

Only wish l could remember the date l was there ,l seem to think it was 1956, of course l didnt own a camera in those days,not many did.

l could be wrong but l think they were held every 4 years

Thanks again Joker,



PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:06 pm
by frank worrall
Thanks Alex and Andy for giving us that glimpse of those heady days, when pride in things really meant something. Marion carried Lady Baden Powells standard for the girl guides many years ago, down the steps at the Albert Hall, and we watch the Remembrance Service there each year. I have always said I would love to go there and soak up the atmosphere, as time waits for no man or woman, as we saw on film of all those stars, who are no longer with us.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:13 pm
by Joker
It must of been an annual event up to at least 1953 as our badges page has pictures of The Albert Hall Reunion badges every year from 1946 - 1953


PostPosted: Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:19 pm
by Joker
Well Frank are you still doing London on your Tour ? ... sits,tours

£8.00 Adult £7.00 OAP and I bet the Bear gets in free.


You bet.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 01, 2009 9:35 pm
by frank worrall
Thanks Alex will definitely do the tour when we are down there, later in the year. BM Bear says is there a bar there? and whats that bit about people wearing bear skins on their heads.

Re: You bet.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 01, 2009 10:05 pm
by Joker
frank worrall wrote:BM Bear says is there a bar there? and whats that bit about people wearing bear skins on their heads.

Would I send BM somewhere he can't get some refreshments ? As for Bear skins ..... That's what they do with bears that don't behave :lol:

Andy your issue card is numbered 489, so how many uniformed staff were at the Albert hall.

Also Badges, I thought the ones you wore were your own, That Reds collected over the seasons.


PostPosted: Mon Mar 02, 2009 5:13 pm
by SkegRed
Alex,we were given 5 badges as part of the uniform for the year we were there ,in my case 1954-5-6 and 1961-2-3,which we all kept,in fact l accumalated about 80 different badges,which sadly l lost when l took them to show my young son in hospital and l never got them back.,but l had to return the Royal Albert Hall badges,( They were assorted camps, and most likely with one for the Albert Hall, but l cant rememebr).

Do you know Alex, l cant remember much of the Albert Hall Reunion, :? :?
l remember l got to the Albert Hall about 5pm after standing in the wrong bus queue, :oops:
Dont laugh BUT l was standing the wrong side of the road, the first two buses l remember were full ,cant remember the number of the bus,but it was the same number both sides of the road, , l asked some one if l was alright for the Albert Hall l was then told l was on the wrong side of the road, :oops: (no bus cue that side)
l seem to think the Reunion started about 7pm we were detailed as to where to stand and what to do,l cant say exactly but l should say there would be about 150 Redcoats all lined up in between the rows of Campers(there were a lot there)
We were to stand in the Gangways and just before the Duke of Edinburgh and Billy Butlin were announced, the we all marched down to the stage(floor) level and stood waiting for them :lol: :lol: ) l do remember that

Dancing started after there were some Grand Finals of competitions( l cant even remember what they were),about 8 oclock , l danced, mixed and mingled like all we Reds did it was then l had pain in my left ear ,thought it was a touch of earache and thought no more about it ,But it got worse as the night went on, l finished the night intending to do the Saturday and the Sunday.
l dont know how l got to my digs in Chelsea ,the same digs l had 3 yrs before when l worked at Chelsea Palace theatre in Kings Road,l know l woke in the morning after a sleepless night with my ear throbbing and l had a temperature, l knew l couldnt go to the Albert Hall that day so l took my uniform back ,explained my problem and how disapointed l was l had to go home to see my doctor which l did and it appeared l had a pierced eardrum with an infection with excrutiating pain ,how l got it l dont know,But what a disapointment. never fails does it?,but l did get one day and night there

Be nice lf l could find any photos of that Reunion,l've looked on Pathe Films