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minehead 17th to 20th feb

PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2012 8:16 pm
by minehead forever
well just back from a great weekend,went down for a mates birthday in minehead which was a brilliant night,didn't get to see much entertainment,but what we missed we'd seen numerous times already,highlight was tribute to the saturdays and lady gaga,both excellent shows,
saw last night street life and festival but thought this years cast is very poor and no were near the quality in singing compare to last year.
the day visitor cabin has now been demolished by the main entrance ,and new exterior railings have been erected on the outside of were the cabin was,this means some of the old original railings have been taken down.
the inn on the green is a total disaster,speaking to staff gives me the impression its not been received well by gueats and i can see why,its just lifeless,just plain magnolia walls,no paintings in fact its just plain bare.the only good thing is that the bar was stripped right back to the original size of the embassy,and all the original ceiling detail can now be seen,been told that a design team is going in to try and add some charactor,but theres no chance,butlins have dropped a huge clanger here but we did warn them,and as usual they chose not to listen,in reality the inn on the green is more of a bar really because its only got one coffee machine behind the bar,it doesn't serve any food,so just feels like a large plain boring bar,best way to save it would be to just switch off the taped music and advertise it as a quiet bar.
on the flip side the firehouse grill seems very popular and looks a sure fire hit,its menu is mainly aimed at chicken.
the new landscaping as you walk out of the boardwalk towards the accom is totally pointless and a waste of money,they've put in 2 small bridges over a stone area with no water features so whats the point.
i was in hot shots yesterday looking at the venue in detail,which i've not done before,the main thing i thought of was how big the gaiety was compared to hot shots and it got me wandering whether theres any gaiety features left hidden out of view,may be the stage surround with the spanish dancers is still there,but now just hidden,they wouldn't of needed to of totally stripped out the gaiety to produce hot shots,maybe an email to minehead is in order.
the new archery centre hasn't even been started yet,but its advertised as open on butlins fm,the old indoor sports hall is still very much in use.
my biggest fault is that hot shots have reduced the snooker tables to just 2 tables,how ridiculous,especially when minehead had 2 games rooms full of them,at £3.50 for half an hour no wander they weren't being used.
redcoats paul and chris are still there but never saw chris all weekend so had to ask if he was still around,the new women reds comparing in both cs and reds were very poor and lightweight compared to what mineheads had in the past.
as you can tell from the picture posted on facebook,rose cottage still stands,but for how much longer.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:16 pm
by deelieta
Thanks for the detailed report. I am not surprised that the Inn on the Green isn't working - they have taken away a venue that was thriving - lively and entertaining and replaced it with... well, nothing! I think it is a great shame that they did this as the location of the karaoke was perfect and always drew people in who might have been just passing otherwise.
Did you manage to go into Jaks when the karaoke was going on at all to see what it was like in there?
I think they need to make sure the Redcoats are trained properly - to be left compering or dj-ing in one of the large venues takes skill and years of watching how it's done. The redcoats are what makes, well, made, Butlins what it is and Paul and Chris (and Chris G when he was still there) are brilliant at it and truly old-school. I sometimes just go and sit in a venue, deliberately at times when no show or act is on, just so that I can listen to the redcoat banter.
Interesting thought about the Gaiety Theatre - having recently found that postcard of it, which shows it really clearly, I can see what you mean about lots of it must still be there. I know that there IS a part of it still upstairs - with a row of seats as well! As you go up the staff stairs to the ents office, just at the top of the stairs there on the left is a set of double doors - they are like emergency exit doors from the other side - so no way of opening them from the top of the stairs. But I have been told by a very good source that in that space is part of the theatre still - and is has a lot of junk in it now.
I am a bit confused about the snooker tables - do you mean that they have left only 2 now?? ANd what about the pool ones??? Why, oh why have they done this???
Oh i just don't really understand what goes on in the heads when they make such strange decisions. Hotshots was always busy and the snooker tables always in use.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2012 7:36 pm
by minehead forever
Yes dee there is only 2 snooker tables left in hotshots ,they've taken some out to put more american pool tables in.interesting news about the gaiety,what you mentioned means that they possibly only ripped out what they needed for hotshots which in my reckoning is the auditorium and roughly the middle stage area were the bowling alley machinery is,that could mean that the stage surround could actually be still there,and possibly even the ceiling and those wonderful hutlins lights,
We have to find out somehow,but doubt butlins would admit to entry via the old town and the stage door tunnel would lead to something.